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Old Boys of 1965

The 2015 Annual Dinner in August is the perfect event for a 50 year Reunion.
The Old Boys' Association has created a special webpage in honour of our 65ers ... here


Best Wishes to (recently retired) Ken Clifford from the OBA.

Ken Clifford
Ken Clifford


Preb Maehl
Student & Maths Master

Preb Maehl

1963 - Coach 1st XI - Cricket

Greg Wilson - "Sad to advise the passing of Preb Maehl on Saturday evening. Was School Vice Captain and returned as Maths Master for a number of years in the 1960’s. Was a member of the Old Boys, but resigned when he was incapacitated by a Stroke. Was a good friend of Charlie Goffet and Len McRae, who were also Old Boys and Teachers at the School. In my day Languages and Maths Teachers shared the ground floor Staff Room."Preb 1943

1943 - NBHS Captain 1st XI - Cricket

Bob Aus - " Preb went on to be Deputy Principal of Gateshead High School, was there when I prac taught in 1966, then became Principal of Lambton High School (possibly the first)."

Norm Rodgers - "Had him as a teacher too. My father also used to run against him. He was a pretty fair sprinter."


Formation of the NBHSOBA ...
Instigated 27 years ago!!

On 9th December 1986, in a phone call between two old boys, Dale Kemp and Dick Sanders, it was decided to form the Newcastle Boys' High School Old Boys' Association (NBHSOBA).

The Steering Committee of ten met at the Newcastle Police Centre on 7th January1987.

The OBA was launched at the Police & Citizens' Boys' Club on 20th March 1987, where the inaugural committee was elected by the 93 former students and teachers present.

Four Sub-committees were agreed on


together with their members and Chairmen.

The goals of the Association were agreed on, becoming the basis for the Constitution.


The briefing notes circulated to the first Steering Committee meeting on 7 January 1987 listed the following aims:

- Share expertise between reunion committees.
- Maintain a master class list and mailing list.
- Annual dinner (all years), as per the NGHS Ex-Students Union.
- Relics, memorabilia: collect, restore, preserve, catalogue and display.
- Personal photographs, printed matter: copy and return.
- School relics (gates, honour rolls, flag etc): recover.
- School prizes, student donations: current status

The body of former students, covering almost all of this century, has a wide range of professional and personal experience from which we could all draw, to our individual benefit, and that of Newcastle.

By the time the Constitution was drafted, the following important aim was added:

" To solicit, acquire, establish, administer and award gifts, bequests, scholarships, prizes and benefits for students of Newcastle High School and Waratah High School and such other schools as the Association from time to time may determine."

The Constitution was modified on incorporation of the Association

NBHS OBA Membership Figures March 2014

Annual Dinner 2015
Guest Speaker
Trevor Sorensen
Trevor Sorensen
NBHS Old Boys' Association Pioneers
Dick and Dale 1987

Dick Sanders & Dale Kemp 1987
Lewis cartoon Gus Gilmour
Gary "Gus" Gilmour 1951 - 2014
Australian Cricket Star
Gary Gilmour more
Gary "Gus" Gilmour 1951-2014

Outstanding Old Boy
1951 - 2014
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Missing Names Finally Added
Waratah War Memorial 62 Years on - NBN News

36 names missing from a world war two memorial have finally been included, 62 years after the school plaques were unveiled.

Former Newcastle Boys High students had a tear in their eye, honouring classmates who paid the ultimate sacrifice.
Anzac Day